Laboratoires Activa, a French expertise for your well being

Laboratoires Activa,
a French expertise for your well being

Laboratoires Activa was born from a desire to change the way we take care of ourselves. The brand brings its know-how to “phytovitality”, in order to respond to a targeted disturbance in the organism, without interferences or side effects.
Towards a more responsible approach

At Laboratoires Activa, we prioritize French know-how, all our products comply with French and European regulations (European Directive 2002/46).
We have GMP certification: Good Manufacturing Practice (FDA / CFR21) & ISO 9001/ 2015.
Concerned about the well-being of human beings, our research and development department works in collaboration with the CNRS and university hospitals on numerous projects: endometriosis, sleep apnea, fibromyalgia, PXE, etc.

 Our food supplements are 100% made in France: development, production, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, and quality control are managed on site at our Carros site.

We are aware of our responsibilities and the commitments we have to make. Our customer service team is attentive and answers questions with transparency and efficiency. Natural components, reduced carbon footprint, preferred short circuits, less polluting materials, zero waste objective…

We guarantee 100% natural solutions: GMOs, pesticides or heavy metals free. The Laboratories put the well-being of human beings at the heart of their R&D. Most ingredients come from France. Exception for the active ingredients which come from plants not growing in France and selected in their country of origin to preserve all their properties.

Our commitments to give you the best 

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