3 Essential Criteria
for the Best Omega 3

Although omega-3s have many virtues for the human body, they are still insufficiently consumed today, since our diet provides us with only 30% of the DRI (Dietary Reference Intakes).
Supplementation is thus essential. Some important criteria are to consider when choosing them as they can make a big difference in benefits.

The benefits of EPA and DHA

When blood platelets stick together, they can form arterial plugs (thromboses) that prevent blood from flowing. This blood clot can detach and block a small vessel in the brain, resulting in a transient ischemic stroke. Omega 3 promotes the production of nitric oxide which protects blood vessels.

Moreover, EPA and DHA are anti-atherogenic since they fight against the formation of fatty acids in the arteries..

Indeed, EPA inhibits the synthesis of thromboxane – a hormone promoting platelet adherence and arterial construction – and on the other hand, stimulates the production of prostacyclins that decrease platelet aggregation.

Why are EPA and DHA so efficient for our health?

What are our optimum needs in DHA and EPA?

After evaluating the French population’s daily intake of omega-3, the ANSES recommended: “The implementation of a policy aimed at increasing the level of omega-3 intake” (9).

The minimum physiological requirement for DHA and EPA was estimated by the ANSES to be 500 mg/day for an adult.
Supplementation of about 100 mg minimum is also essential for good memory and optimal brain function.


The EPAX® label,
a gauge of quality in fish oil source

Epax® is a world-leading brand of concentrated omega 3 fatty acids based on three main principles:

  • PURITYUltra-pure oil that sets industry purity standards
    Epax is committed to producing ultra-pure omega-3 ingredients that are safe for ongoing human use.
  • QUALITY Ongoing supply of highest-quality traceable ingredients from a sustainable source
    For all Epax ingredients, Epax ensures quality control at every stage from the sourcing of the crude oil to finished omega-3 concentrates and applies strict traceable ethical practices.
  • INNOVATIONIndustry leaders in technology, manufacturing, and product development
    As a leading brand in the field of omega-3s, Epax has a long history of “firsts” that have raised industry standards. Epax is committed to the ongoing development of new omega-3 products, high-tech manufacturing solutions for the omega-3 category, and new marketing opportunities for Epax customers.

The encapsulation process

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