Activa for Women’s Lives

A woman’s life is rhythmed by her menstrual cycle from puberty to menopause.
Its reproductive system repeats a regular pattern dependent on her hormones to prepare her for a possible pregnancy.

Many inconveniences, or even illnesses, can be related to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy or menopause, and affect a woman’s life:

  • Menstruation disorders:
    premenstrual syndrome, painful menstruations
  • Endometriosis
  • Pregnancy disorders: morning sickness and other digestive issues, constipation, circulatory problems, hemorrhoids, hair loss, lower back pain, skin problems, neuro-psychic disorders…
  • Postpartum disorder: “baby blues”
  • Symptoms of perimenopause, then menopause:
    hot flashes, fatigue, irritability, sleep disturbances, loss of libido, vaginal dryness…

Today, every woman can live her feminine expression; her cycle, as comfortably as possible, regardless of age…using Activa natural solutions for women’s health.

The Feminine Sphere

Women by Activa

Image Source: Canva